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Archives of Scientific Philosophy

What's online?

Selections from several manuscript collections that comprise the Archives of Scientific Philosophy.

What's in the entire collection?

The Archives of Scientific Philosophy comprise collections from Ronald Anderson, Arthur J. Benson, Robert E. Butts, Rudolf Carnap, Bruno de Finetti, Carl Gustav Hempel, Paul Hertz, Richard C. Jeffrey, Frank P. Ramsey, Rose Rand, Hans Reichenbach, Wesley C. Salmon, Wilfrid Sellars, and Abner Shimony.

About the Archives of Scientific Philosophy

Philosophy has always been influenced by scientific work, and its deliberations have frequently followed scientific models. In recent decades the University of Pittsburgh has established itself as a leader in scientific philosophy, one of the 20th century's most important intellectual currents. To further stimulate research and publication, the University has committed itself to assembling archival resources for investigating the history of scientific philosophy. Most materials are housed in the Special Collections Department of the University's Hillman Library.

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