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Pitt Publications

What's online?

This collection contains all of the publications found in the Pitt Alumni, Pitt News, and Pitt Yearbooks Collections in addition to the following:

The Pennsylvania Western was a journal edited by students that were members of the Literary Societies of the Western University of Pennsylvania. It was published from 1882 to 1887 and contains some University news, as well as essays by the Chancellor and various administrators and benefactors.

The University Courant, also called the Western University Courant and The Courant, was published by the Irving Literary Society of the Western University of Pennsylvania. It was published about every month during the school year and contains poems, articles and essays by students, professors and administrators, as well as reporting on some University and local events. This collection contains volumes 2 through 25 covering 1888 to 1910.

The School of Engineering’s Skyscraper Engineer and the Anatomy department’s Anatomy Snooze are examples of publications written specifically for that discipline’s students, faculty and staff. The University Honors Program also published UHP-Words as a newsletter for its students. Students of Western University of Pennsylvania edited the College Journal, which served as a type of student newspaper from 1869 until at least 1880. More recent examples of student writing is featured in the English department’s Manuscripts and the University Honors College’s Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review.

Also included in this collection are several histories of the university, including: Francis Clifford Phillips’ The Western University in 1822; History of the Western University of Pennsylvania by Samuel Black McCormick; William J. Holland’s History of the University of Pittsburgh; the University of Pittsburgh’s The Celebration of the One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Anniversary; Through One Hundred and Fifty Years: The University of Pittsburgh by Agnes Lynch Starrett; and Robert C. Alberts’ Pitt: The Story of the University of Pittsburgh.

There are also several publications concerning the Pitt campus, such as the dedication programs for many of the Cathedral of Learning’s Nationality Rooms and the Stephen Collins Foster Memorial. Histories of the university libraries and, specifically, the Darlington Memorial Library are present as well.

What's in the entire collection?

In addition to the material found in this collection the University Archives contains many smaller publications and newsletters that were created by university departments, such as the University Library System’s ULS News. If you are looking for a publication that is not currently online please contact us for a more complete overview of the University Archives’ holdings.

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