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University Catalogues

What's online?

This collection contains Catalogues of the Western University of Pennsylvania from the 1861/1862 academic year through 1907/1908, as well as Catalogs of the University of Pittsburgh from 1908/1909 through 1926/1927.

What's in the entire collection?

The University Archives holds catalogues from 1861/1862 through 2006.

About the University Catalogues

The catalogues of the Western University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pittsburgh describe in detail the admission and academic requirements, classes, University Calendar, campus information, faculty, administrators and announcements for the year.  Often informally referred to as the “Course Catalogues,” they actually provide a snapshot of the academic life of the University.  In addition, the catalogues from the late 1890s to 1927 have a register of continuing students, usually including their hometowns and the high school or preparatory school they attended. 

The earliest known catalogue is for the 1861/1862 academic year and the university published catalogues annually until the 1903/1904 academic year. In 1904, the Western University of Pennsylvania began to print a University Bulletin and one issue of that publication was dedicated to the annual catalogue. This practice continued with the University of Pittsburgh. As professional schools joined the university, other issues of the bulletin were dedicated to their catalogue and by the mid-1940s this became the University Bulletin’s sole function. Beginning in 1971, schools issued their bulletins biennially. The Undergraduate Bulletin replaced the University Bulletin with two issues pertaining to academic programs offered from 1999-2002 and 2003-2006.

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